Yantra Workshop

Price : Rs. 6000.00 US Dollar ($): 1500.00

Yantra is a pictorial abstract mathematical representation of an inner vision. Due to its mathematical precision, a yantra is the powerhouse of energy and by visualization and concentration on yantra, you can induce the awakening of the equivalent energy within you.
A yantra creates a field of power that lives, breathes and moves with life, and within which the power of the divine can be invoked.
It has observed that the intelligence quotient, intuitive response and mental awareness of children who have been exposed to yantras, with no conscious attention drawn to them have shown a remarkable improvement due to the yantra influence over their creative and intuitive intelligence. However, its true significance is the flowering of spiritual experience. Slowly, but gradually and systematically, the yantra leads to the enfoldment of the multiplicity of layers which comprise our whole being.