Online Astrology Course

Price : Rs. 100.00 US Dollar ($): 10

Dear Divine Soul,

Now, you can Enroll for Online Astrology Course by Indian Institute of Astrological Sciences. Video instructions (Hindi) to complete your Course by Rupinder Saggoo.

This course is specially designed for the beginners who are keen lovers and aspirants of Astrology and for those who start this subject as a hobby and make it a profession with passing time of their knowledge and experiences.

During the course, major topics covered are:

Module 1 : Introduction to Astrology

Module 2 : Importance of Houses in Astrology

Module 3 : Importance of Signs in Astrology

Module 4 : Importance of Planets in Astrology

Module 5 : Planets and their own Sign, Exaltation, Debilitation, Aspects, Friends, Enemies, Neutral.

Module 6 : Yogas: Solar, Lunar, Panchmahapurush Yoga, Raj Yoga, Dhan Yoga

Module 7 : Sadesati, its effects and its remedies.

Module 8 : Role of Manglik, its Impact and remedies.

Module 9 : Kalsarp Yoga and its importance and remedies.

Module 10 : Predictive Rules

Module 11 : Techniques of Horoscope Prediction with Examples.

Module 12 : Method of wearing the gems according to birth chart.