Vastu Shastra Online Course

Price : Rs. 100.00 US Dollar ($): 10

Dear Divine Soul,

Now, you can Enroll for Online Vastu Shastra Course by Indian Institute of Astrological Sciences. Video instructions (Hindi) to complete your Course by Rupinder Saggoo.

The Art & Science of Living

Vastu Shastra is an illuminating feature of Indian Architecture, culture and tradition. It is increasingly accepted all over the world as it has proved extremely beneficial. Vastu Shastra and allied sciences of Astrology are an integral part of alternative system of art of living as a whole. Steps have been taken to translate this knowledge into practical remedies for common man through regular courses in Vastu Shastra. This course is specially designed to make this science compatible to the present day to day requirements of a common man.

During the course we will study the following:

Module 1: Introduction to Vastu Shastra, Vastu and Tattwas.

Module 2: Importance of Soil in Vastu.

Module 3: Facing of Plot

Module 4: Selection of Plot – Open space, surround of the plot, etc.

Module 5: Vidhi Shoola/Road hitting

Module 6: Directions and its Importance

Module 7: Importance and placement of Main Gate and Main Door

Module 8: Kitchen and its Importance in Vastu Shastra

Module 9: Bedroom:- Master’s bedroom, Kid’s Bedroom, Old couple’s Room, Servant’s Room, Guest Room.

Module 10: Puja Room and its Importance

Module 11: Study Room, Dining Area, Drawing Room

Module 12: Gym, Store, Home Theatre, Bar at Home, Basement

Module 13: Placement of Tubewell, Over Head Water Tank, Gen set, inverter, all electric equipment, washing area, etc.

Module 14: Importance and placement of Stairs

Module 15: Placement of Toilets according to laws of Vastu Shastra.

Module 16: Remedies: Colours, House hold articles and Plantation