Tajik Shastra (Vedic Varshphal) Workshop

Price : Rs. 5000.00 US Dollar ($): 1500.00

The Sun completes one transit of the zodiac in one year. A horoscope is drawn for the time when Sun in transit reaches exactly the same sign, degrees, minutes and second as it was at birth. This horoscope is used for predictive events of the year. This progressed horoscope is solar based and called annual horoscope or varshphal. The methodology for casting the varshphal and predicting this was well explained in the Shastra known as Tajik Neelkhanthi. It travelled to Tajakistan and Uzbekistan, so it was published in the language Tajiki, and is popular as Tajik Shastra. It has undergone many transformation but reatend its basic concepts and principles like aspects, yoga, and sahams. Further Tajik rules are very well applied to the Prashan. It is very important to learn this method of casting Vedic Varshphal and its prediction in unique way. During the course we will learn not only the casting of Varshphal, but also the various unique yogas, sahams and the complete predictions of Varshphal.