Nakshatra Workshop

Price : Rs. 6000.00 US Dollar ($): 1500.000

The origin of Nakshatra based prediction is traced back to the Vedanta period, and it is called Vedanta Jyotish. The ancient people calculate month and seasons on the basis of the Moon. Nakshatra system remains the pillar on which it was based and serves to up this is hold its many inside and great predictive powers. The Nakshatras represent the abodes into which the foot of our karmas is transferred and stored.
The Nakshatras are important for their practical value in delineating characteristics and timing events. A person’s Moon represents the most intimate aspect of their nature, their personality or feeling. This is probably their most important usage, which has made Nakshatras most important in marriage compatibility readings, but it extends to all forms of partnership.
Similarly, the Nakshatra of Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn play important role in various aspect of our life. There is a close relationship between the signs and the Nakshatras. This relationship is over looked by modern astrologers. In order to establish the significance of astrology in guiding one’s life and relating everyday occurrences with one’s permanent goal, it is important to unravel these mysteries. It has been the universal practice of occultists all over the world since time immemorial to reveal the keys to these secrets only to the selected few. During the study of Nakshatras we will learn to apply transit based upon Nakshatras. The planets and their effects in various Nakshatras and some missing links of the predictions through the Nakshatras will also be studied.