Medical Astrology

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Astrology is an ancient Vedic science that much is clear. Situations in life have been changing rapidly leading to remarkable changes in life style. In the modern and competitive world, man however healthy apparently he may seen, is very much susceptible to the onslaught of stress, worry, and anxiety. For this reason he suffers a lot of mental and physical problems. He depends upon temporary solutions obtained from temporary management getting marginal relief. Sometimes he suffers a lot because of side effects of different modalities, after considerable suffering, moving from doctor to doctor in search of relief.
The medical astrology indicates the relationship between human organs and astrology. Some chronic or genetic disorders can be easily checked from the birth chart, because this is the reflection of our past karmas. Suggesting easy remedies from astrology can give quick and significant relief. During the course of studies, we will study the significations of planets, signs, and houses in correlation to human body. We will also study the combinations for chronic diseases, incurable diseases, genetic problems and the onset of diseases in the cure of disease also.