About Us

With the fast changing social values and communication it becomes important to guide the masses through IT media. Considering this little step towards modernization astrovastulife.com is launched. The backbone of website Indian Institute of Astrological Sciences (IIAS) has come a long way in imparting knowledge of mystic sciences & guiding the society. The sole purpose of the website is to increase the awareness of these subjects to a level that more and more people in our society are able to distinguish the wrong from the right and do not fall in trap of conmen who misquote the gullible for personal benefits.

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Our Vision

In the modern society and fast changing social values in tune with time it becomes necessary to launched a website to cater the larger segment of society. As the interest of the people in Astrology & allied Sciences is increasing day-by-day while most of the people know their Sun or Moon signs they know little or nothing about rest of their fate. To provide them correct knowledge and to guide them towards the right direction. Astrovastulife.com and institute have taken responsibilities through IT media as well in traditional method at institute only.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to merely impart the knowledge but to guide people towards complete personal development trying to make each person a better citizen of the society who can in turn help the needy and distressed souls. So far thousands of students have undergone various courses at the Institute and consulted under the able guidance of a dedicated and highly qualified faculty.

Founder Message

For ages Vedic & Spiritual sciences have mystified people and astrologer have moulded opinion of the common man and leaders alike. In ancient day learned sages and seers closely held knowledge of these sacred sciences least unscrupulous persons misuse it for personal benefits. The knowledge was handed down to only truly deserving disciples.

However with the passage of time, changing social values, economic compulsions and personal greed led to misuse of this sacred knowledge.

It becomes imperative that unless the knowledge of mystic sciences was shared with a larger segment of society the masses will be at the mercy of few who know the subject well. astrovastulife.com & Indian Institute of Astrological Sciences has been disseminating the knowledge of Vedic sciences without any discrimination and bias to all those interested and guiding the society by providing consultation based upon really spiritual principles in all fields of this science.

With Best Wishes,