Basic course of Astrology starting from Sunday at 1 pm to 3 pm Admission Open Syllabus JYOTISH PRAVEENA (A Basic Course in Astrology)  GENERAL ASTROLOGY In this introduction and origin of the Astrology along with some basic fundamental will be discussed like Theory of Astrology, History of Astrology, Value, uses and application of Astrology, Astrology and Modern Science, Karma theory and Astrology for uplift of present birth to achieve Moksha, Psychology and Astrology.  FUNDAMENTALS OF ASTROLOGY (1) Introduction to Horoscope What is horoscope? (2) Signification of Houses Detailed study of all twelve houses, their significations, karkas, places and all about the twelve houses will be introduced to the students. (3) Signification of Signs Detailed study of Signs, their lordship, significations, nature, direction and all other effects of signs will be discussed in this section. (4) Signification of Planets Detailed study of Planets, exaltation & debilitation sign, subjects, occupations, aliments, body of parts and other effects of planets will be discussed in this section. (5) Introduction of Nakshatras  YOGAS IN ASTROLOGY In this the various Yogas there formation and application will the taught to the students. (a) Basic Yogas and their results (i) Lunar Yogas, (ii) Solar Yogas, (iii) Panchmahapurush Yogas, (iv) Raj Yogas, (v) Viprit Raj Yogas, (vi) Mahabhagya Yoga. (b) Important Yogas and their results (i) Kaal Sarpa Yoga, (ii) Manglik Yoga, (iii) Gajkeshri Yoga (c) Awasthas of Planets Balavastha, Kumaravastha, Yuvaavastha, Vridhavastha & Mritavastha.  BASICS OF TRANSIT & MUHURAT 1. Introduction to Panchang and Basic Muhurat. 2. Predicting the daily Rashi Phal. 3. General effect of transiting planets through houses. 4. Theory of activation of the houses and results. 5. The Sadesati (7½), its effect and remedies according to Vedic Astrology.  PREDICTING THE DASHA In this basics of timing events in dasha will be taught to the students. 1. Finding out the Yogakarak planets for all ascendant (Lagan) 2. The judgment of Markesha for every ascendant (Lagan) 3. Rules for predicting the Dasha and Antardasha.  TECHNIQUES OF PREDICTIONS In this some important techniques of predicting the birth chart will be introduced to the students. 1. Effect of house Lord in different houses 2. Basic predictions of twelve houses and planets 3. Combined results of planets, houses and signs 4. Basic prediction and the timing of events.  ASTRONOMY AND MATHEMATICAL ASTROLOGY In this the introduction to basic Astronomy and calculations of Astrology will be given to students. 1. Calculation of Ascendant (Lagan) 2. Calculation of planetary position 3. Calculation of Mahadasha 4. Calculation of birth chart, Moon sign chart, Sun sign chart and Sudarashan Chakra 5. Basic introduction of Vargacharts without calculations: Hora (D/2) Dreshkan (D/3) Saptmansha (D/7) Navamansha (D/9) Dashmansha (D/10)  BASICS REMEDIES IN ASTROLOGY 1. Use of Gems in Astrology: In this introduction to the Gems there importance and effects will be taught to students along with theory and method of wearing various gems i.e use of gems in different metals, fingers, days, etc. 2. Method of donation of various articles for the planets and other remedies.



Admission Open. STARTING FROM 29 MARCH 2020 ON SUNDAY AT 11am to 1pm Please contact for more details: 9814019444