Tarot Cards 1 Day Workshop

Price : Rs. 6000.00 US Dollar ($): 150

Predicting once future from the cards is not new. Since ancient time the cards have various types. Tarot Cards originated in 14th century in Egypt and then spread in the whole world, in China by the name of I-ching. This subject is associated with a lot of superstitions. By the effort of the Institute, a simple and unique course is designed for the Tarot Cards reading. In the course, complete guidance will be given starting from shuffling of cards to spreading and answering questions through the cards. This course consists of standard 78 cards, 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. For studying of this subject one needs not to have any background of astrology or palmistry, only native’s concentration is required.
During the course we will learn the number of spreads, predicting ones past, present and future. Answering all the quarries, the complete concept is clear in the course.

Fee: Rs.6000.00 (including study material, Tarot Deck, tea snacks, lunch)

One Day Workshop of Tarot Cards Starting SOON (ENROLMENT MUST).


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